Nairovi Cabrera

My name is Nairovi, and I am from the Dominican Republic, and I have a MS and BCBA credentials.

My first interaction in the ABA field was during an internship for my Bachelor’s. Being able to see the progress and positive outcomes for each individual really drew my attention. As I learned more about ABA, it was very interesting understanding the connection between science and the human behaviors.

At PRISM Learning Center, I am currently a Clinical Supervisor. Prior to my work at PLC, I’ve had the opportunity to work in schools and in-home settings with learners that were primarily under 8 years old.

The best thing about working at PLC is being able to be part of the change in our upcoming generation, and seeing how the learner/family life evolves.

My long term professional goals are to one day open a learning center in the Dominican Republic.

For anyone that is just coming into the field, know that every small step of the journey makes the experience all worth it with each individual.

I love to vacation in Punta Cana, DR, and in my free time, I like swimming, puzzles, and shopping.