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03:47 07 Mar 24
I tried working with Perform Care prior to Prism Learning Center and was severely disappointed as my daughter does not respond to in-home therapy.Ms. Chana, offered a new world of socialization and therapy by my having a place for my daughter in her program. The staff has also been wonderful with adhering to IEP goals, and GROWING through hardships my daughter used to present daily.In a prior comment I read about how therapists are switched out, and to be honest that has happened to my daughter and I as well. First, my daughter’s aggressive behaviors are not for the faint hearted, none the less the center has NEVER used any physical restraints, and I know how tiring being a special ed instructor can be. So I’m sure that was behind our first changes, and also Ms. Chana is extremely meticulous in regards of whom she hires and the expectations she holds for not only her staff but parents as well.After many therapists , whether it be to schedule conflicts, no chemistry between my daughter and therapist, and every thing in between. My daughter has a therapist she adores and acknowledges. Even if it may be short lived , I know Prism Learning Center will do what is in my daughter’s best interest and no one else’s.Prism handles all issues with our insurance company, keeps daily updates via binder, text and phone calls, and most importantly has all the children AWARE and involved (on said child’s terms) and with each other. My daughter who is on the spectrum, has PDD , epilepsy, ADHD, went from being work avoidant and combative, to a laissez-faire teen who can express her boundaries effectively. Prism Learning center has and continues to help my daughter be the best version of herself , and they NEVER express nor hint at showing of giving up.All my concerns have been addressed immediately any and every time I have reached out, and they have given me peace of mind for the time my daughter spends there. It is safe, clean, consistent and reliable .
20:37 31 Jan 24
This is an exceptional center! They provide the highest quality of services to the clients. I love how passionate and genuine the staff are as they work with the learners from their heart ❤️
Lawrence S. JosephLawrence S. Joseph
14:30 31 Jan 24
Nairovi CabreraNairovi Cabrera
14:27 31 Jan 24
I'm delighted to share my positive experience with Prism Learning center. I feel fortunate to be connected with such a dedicated center. The caring staff, coupled with the high level of therapy and care provided by RBT’s and BCBA’s, makes the center a truly exceptional place for learning and growth. Everyone is very supportive and would never hesitate to jump in and help when ever needed. It’s been very impressive seeing how involved the CEO has always been in everyone’s journey. I would lastly like to mention how beautiful the center is. There are so many different areas for the kids to learn and socialize with peers. To all parents that are searching for excellent ABA service, this is the center that you should consider!
Vanessa EtienneVanessa Etienne
14:11 31 Jan 24
I would like to take a moment to share my exceptional experience at the Prism Learning Center, I have had the privilege of being a part of this center since 2021 and I am thrilled to express my utmost satisfaction. One of the standout features of The Prism Learning Center is the highly qualified therapists and BCBAs. Their expertise and dedication are evident in the exceptional support they provide to both therapists and learners. The center fosters a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to grow, I have witnessed firsthand the happiness and progress of the learners at Prism. The center creates an environment filled with love, where each learner receives the individualized care they need. It is truly heartwarming to see the learners thriving and enjoying their time at the center. With that being said, my experience at Prism has been nothing short of exceptional. The dedication of the therapists, the supportive environment, and the happiness of the learners make it a truly remarkable center. I wholeheartedly recommend THE PRISM LEARNING CENTER to anyone seeking high-quality ABA services.
Pamela RodriguezPamela Rodriguez
04:02 05 Oct 21
As a therapist who has worked in the field for over 4 years I can say that working for Gitty, the founder of Prism has been one of the most rewarding experiences. The quality of her work and dedication are unmatched. Working along side her, following her data driven approach - I have seen great changes in the kiddos we have worked with. With prism you and your child are in great hands.

PRISM Learning Center aspires to improve quality of life for the Autism community


Our Mission

PRISM Learning Center aspires to improve the quality of life for the Autism community. We recognize the emotional, physical, and financial impact this diagnosis can have on an individual, family, and communal level. We are committed to addressing the learner’s successful independent development and supporting those who interact with them daily.

We believe that by employing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach our learners adaptive behaviors, they can flourish into happy, productive, and contributing members of society. At PRISM, success is not measured by the goals we master in therapy, but by the realization of our learners no longer requiring our services.

Our Vision

At PRISM Learning Center we understand that quality of life does not exist without independence. Our hope for our learners is that one day they will thrive in any setting and in any relationship, be it at home, in school, on the playground, and among family, friends, or coworkers. We recognize that for our learners to have the possibility to be included and accepted in those environments, we first need to decrease stigmatizing behaviors that isolate them from their typically developing peers. Our goal is to increase their opportunities for true independent living.

At PRISM, our approach for decreasing maladaptive behavior is by establishing what we call the “function” of the behavior. What purpose or need does that behavior meet? And how can we teach a more effective way for that need to be met? We address the learner’s developmental deficits by breaking down prerequisite skills into smaller components. We teach them valuable life skills so that the learner can utilize their needs more competently.

Using differential reinforcement procedures, we redirect behaviors we want to decrease by prompting an alternative behavior and immediately rewarding the learner following the appropriate response. Positive reinforcement-based contingencies increase on-task responding and overall learner motivation, allowing us to progressively shape more functional behaviors over time. This strategy helps us forge an ideal learning environment where the learner is engaged and enthusiastic about surpassing the goals we set in therapy.

Our Vision

A Showcase of our Prism Learners

2. A Showcase of our Prism Learners
A Showcase of our Prism Learners
A Showcase of our Prism Learners
A Showcase of our Prism Learners
A Showcase of our Prism Learners
A Showcase of our Prism Learners
A Showcase of our Prism Learners

ABA Therapy Center Passaic, NJ

We are open 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Prism Learning Center’s therapy schedule depends on the learner’s availability for services, and the hours approved by the insurance.

We are open 7:00 AM-7:30 PM.

Availability depends on parental preference of when they request services. PLC works with parents at the outset of therapy to match a therapist who can accommodate their needs on where, when, and how they want services provided for their family.

Please let us know how we can help you.

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Special child services

PRISM Learning Center is focused on creating an ideal learning environment where children with ASD and related disorders develop age-appropriate skills that enable them to function more successfully and independently in their daily living. Behavior plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual child and address their core behavioral deficits.

The principles of Applied Behavior Analyses are systematically applied in order to implement evidence-based interventions that reliably influence socially significant behaviors. The process of therapy is guided by data-based decision-making. Behavior data is recorded daily by the therapist and analyzed by the supervisor. This allows caregivers, insurance, and other providers access to the child's progress at all times and ensures consistency and accountability on the part of all team members.

Our Process


A consultant takes your information and contacts your insurance to begin authorization.


A BCBA assesses your child via direct observation and/or parent interview and creates a personalized treatment plan.

Direct Treatment

We match your child and your family with an experienced therapist who best accommodates your needs and availability. The therapist renders 1:1 ABA services, running behavior programs as specified by the BCBA, and collecting data.

Quality Assurance

Treatment planning and supervision. The BCBA designs skill acquisition and behavior reduction targets, monitors the data, adds next steps for mastered targets, modifies treatment, and trains and supervises the therapist as necessary.

Family Consultation

The Clinical Director, BCBA, and therapist collaborate with your family to empower family members with scientifically proven strategies and to offer training and support.

Areas We Serve


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