Heather Carew

I am originally from Clifton, NJ. I received my BA in Psychology from William Paterson University, my MSW (Master’s in Social Work) from Fordham University, my BCBA in post-graduate coursework from Rutgers University, and my Educational Supervisor post-graduate coursework from Montclair State University.

What originally drew me into helping individuals with autism was from when I was working in a private special education school as a social worker. I saw the progress that the students in the ABA program were making and I wanted to learn how to further support learners with autism.

Currently, I am working as a BCBA Supervisor here at PRISM Learning Center. My position entails helping to train the BTs working directly with the students, ABA programming for the students, reviewing skill acquisition data, creating behavior interventions, and reviewing behavior intervening data to make any changes necessary to skill acquisition programs and/or behavior plans.

With my other experiences have you had within the field of ABA, I have worked with children with autism in private and public school settings as well as in the home and community.

Some of the best positive experiences I’ve had working at PLC are from seeing the learners make progress and working together as a team. I have been in this field for 25 years and I plan to continue working with individuals with autism until my retirement.

For newcomers looking to get into the profession of assisting individuals with autism, I suggest taking time to learn as much as you can about autism spectrum disorders but be aware that every person is an individual.

My favorite vacation spot is Disney World. My favorite hobbies are reading, yoga, and learning how to make craft projects with my Cricut.