Chana G. Lemberger

I am from Los Angeles, California, and I have a BCBA with a Masters in Social work.

From the start, I was drawn to helping children with autism due the fact that it was one of the few degrees I could achieve while being an at-home mother!

Currently, I am the Chief Executive Officer as well as the “brainchild” of PRISM Learning Center! I have several years of experience working with the autism community, providing 1:1 ABA therapy for children on the spectrum and their families.

Prior to my work here at PLC, I worked as a therapist in public and private schools as well as the Alpine Outreach program, and as a supervisor overseeing home-based services for multiple agencies.

Here at PLC, I genuinely love spending time with the team, inside and outside of the center.

My goal in my professional career is to become the #1 center in the United States for children with autism.

In my experience, for any newcomers that want to get into the profession of assisting individuals with autism is to be committed, be compassionate, be patient, and above all to be humble and open to learning from others.

My favorite vacation spot will always be my home—California! I love to travel and would love to make more time to travel with my family.